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I am unable to access or locate my Portfolio?

Victor Jeffrey Serote
posted this on October 27, 2010, 3:02 AM

Please be aware that and are two different site editions and therefore require a different login interface. If you are registered in one or both, please ensure you try to access your Account via the correct site edition.

Here are a few possible reasons why you might be having difficulty locating or login into your Portfolio account:

1. You may have more than one active account in either or both of the following site editions: or and possibly attempting to login via the incorrect interface. Resulting in:

a. Unrecognized/Invalid user account. (Why? account exists in the opposite site edition therefore login details will not recognize. Or it may be the right edition, but might be entering the incorrect username/password).
b. Inconsistent or unfound activity in the Portfolio Manager, or a message that states 'You haven't created any Portfolios' (Why? you may have an account in both site editions, and the Profile that was accessed may not match the one that was intended for viewing).

Solution: Please ensure to sign in via the correct interface and that the username/password corresponds to the right account.
- If you have an existing Portfolio at, then always ensure to access the account via
- If you have an existing Portfolio at, then always ensure to access the account via

** If the above fails to resolve the problem, then the issue might be related to one or more of the following items:

2. Your Profile was updated with a new email address/password and the change was only applied to one site edition. Your login attempt might be via the incorrect interface.

Solution: Double check that the changes were applied to the correct site edition. Try to login using your new details in the sites suggested in item 1 Solution above. 

** If this fails to resolve the problem, please reset your password by following the instructions provided in the 'Forgot your password?' of the login page, then proceed to follow instructions in item 3 to update your username.

3. User account details such as email address and the actual value that exists in the username field do not match. 

: Your account preferences need to be updated.
Even though the email address may show to be correct in the account Profile, you will need to reenter your email address and resubmit the changes in order for the system to update and replace the value that exists in the username field so that it matches with your email address.

4. You may be attempting to access the tool via an outdated link or old bookmark: or

Solution: The Portfolio Tool has now been upgraded, therefore you must sign in via these links going forward:
Edition -
Edition -

5. Multiple failed attempts during login can cause the account to lock.

: If the account is locked, the following message will appear: 'This account has been locked. Please click on 'Forgot your password' to select a new password.' To unlock the account, please follow the instructions to reset the password. An email will be sent to the user with steps on how to complete the log in process.

** If any of the above steps fail to resolve your problem, contact us by providing a detailed description of the issue so that we can reproduce it: include the URL of the site in question, a screen shot of the error, and any other information you think would be helpful to assist in faster resolution to your incident. Thank you.

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