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Why is my comment not appearing on the site?

Leo Lazaro Vera II
posted this on October 28, 2010 02:30 AM

In order to promote quality conversation in our comments, we've implemented a categorization for our users based on how often and how well they leave comments on our sites. Comments from novice users are reviewed before they go live so that we can be assured that you're a real contributor and not a bot. After a few moderated runs, you'll be upgraded to a recognized user and you'll be free to comment without our initial review.


Moreover, we encourage comments that advance the story directly or with relevant tangential information, and we will refrain from publishing comments that do not meet our standards. These are some examples of the type of comments that will be blocked by our moderators:

- racism and other hate language that isn't caught by our software filters
- obscene words with letters substituted to get around the software filters
- semi-literate spelling; we're not looking for perfection, but people shouldn't have to struggle to determine the meaning
- uncivil behavior towards other commentators; debate is welcome, schoolyard taunts are not
- incitement to violence
- comments that have nothing to do with the story
- comments that have been pasted across multiple stories
- comments that are unusually long, unless they're very well written
- excessive use of capital letters


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