What is an Alias RIC?

Alias RICs act as an aid to users searching for their most-used RICS. In the case of RIC changes, name changes and such, alias RICs continue to direct users to the data till they are familiar with the new syntax.
When the first IDN RIC was created a long time ago the French market stock exchange was quoted by outcry. As soon as the French market switched to the electronic quotations system, a new trading code was allocated to all instruments. This code is used to trade on the trading platform.
Since, brokers and people working on the market are very familiar with these codes, there was some pressure from clients to create our RIC codes with the same stock exchange mnemonic code. Hence, when there is no RIC clash we use the mnemonic code as RIC root. However, we do not change old RICs. Instead we have created an alias RIC pointing on the main RIC. The same procedure is followed for Euronext stock exchanges. There is no TAS (Time and Sale) and historic data available on the alias RIC.

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